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Nothing2Hide provides capacity building and information security assistance to civil society activists, human rights defenders and journalists around the globe. We focus especially on technology and information and how the first can empower the latter.

We create new and innovative tools (mainly software) and we run digital safety training for journalists and activists. One of the specificity of our association is that every software, every tool, every document we create for our training and projects is released under an open license.

Since our creation, we have trained more than 1500 journalists and activists in 6 countries : France, Sweden, Indonesia, Burkina Faso, Turkey and Tanzania. We run on regular basis digital safety training in French journalists schools (ESJ, CFJ, W, Celsa, EdJG) We provide tools (VPN, data backup) and technical assistance for professional and independent journalists (Envoyé spécial, Cash Investigation, …). We’ve run several emergencies mission for independent media abroad (Souriatna) and Human Rights Defenders. We’ve built and run a Whistle blowers dedicated platform in partnership with the French media “Médiacités”. We are one of the founding member of the Maison des lanceurs d’alerte (House of Whistle Blowers project ) alongside with Greenpeace, Transparency International, Sciences citoyennes, the SNJ and Sherpa We have created a network of partners all over the world (GIJN, African Rising, CFJ , Limbo , FIDH , Dokuz8 , ACMSEA , Atramos Taskas - Russie -, Souriatna).

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