Executive committe

  • President : Grégoire Pouget
  • General secretary: Jean-Marc Bourguignon
  • Treasurer : Laetitia Nitkiewicz


  1. Grégoire Pouget, digital safety consultant
  2. Jean-Marc Bourguignon, digital safety consultant
  3. Martin Clavey
  4. Antoine Héry
  5. Marine Gout
  6. Amaelle Guiton, journalists, works at Liberation (French newspapioer) on cyber security issues
  7. Pierre-Laurent Constant, journalist at Envoyé Spécial (French investigative TV Show)
  8. Clémentine Billé, independant journalist
  9. Jérémy Lachal, Director of the NGO Library Without Borders
  10. Tris Acatrinei, works for the pro transparency project Arcadie projetarcadie.com
  11. Pierre Laurent, journalist
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